Bornholm Viking Boarding Axe Straight Edge

Bornholm Viking Boarding Axe Straight Edge 

This type of axe was very common with Baltic Sea Pirates from 11th Century well into 16th Century. When Piracy was suppressed on the Baltic sea. This style of axe still can be found around Baltic sea cost with fisherman. Sturdy blade is perfect for chopping stuck nets, braking ice or if need be chasing away smugglers.

 Bearded Axe that is not only historically accurate but can be  a very useful camp and hunting  tool plus if need be can preform very well in hand to hand combat. It is build  strong enough to endure your average camp and hunting trip duties, will cut through brush and  will help with game cutting.

Hand forged from high carbon 1075 steel. Hand forging  delivers many blows, making the axe and especially its edge stronger than if they were drop forged. Edge is tempered to 57-58 HCR and will hold   very sharp edge. Back side of the axe has flat area that can be used as a light duty hammer


Hand Forged


Overall Length: 24 inches

Hight of the axe with spike: 10.50 inch

Cutting Edge Length: 3.5 inches

Weight: 1.28 Kg

Edge Hardness: 57-58 HCR

Steel Used: High carbon steel 1075 

All Axes have seasoned Ash wood Handles and Come with leather blade sheath

​Made in Slovakia