Polish Officer "Rogatywka Hat" and wz.21 Saber SET rank 1 size 57cm

Polish Army Officer "Rogatywka Hat" and wz.21 Saber SET

This are Polish Army Officer School Graduation sets, they include current production post 2002 wz.21 sabers and Traditional Polish Army "Rogatywka" Hats. Officer school graduates can normally purchase them from the school best students are given them free of charge

"Rogatywka Hats" are in new unused condition

Wz.21 Sabers are in excellent very slightly used condition

Wz.21 Saber

Overall Length: 36 inch

Blade Length: 31 inch

Wight Saber only: 860gr

Blades are made from high carbon 1060 steel and are tempered per 1921 Cavalry regulations to 51-52 HCR