PV  PV 1.2-6x24 RIFLE SCOPE   with Duplex Reticle

PV  PV 1.2-6x24 RIFLE SCOPE   with Duplex Reticle

This scope is one of the shortest, lightest, clearest and  strongest in Close to Midium Range Scope Class. If you are looking for a scope that is both able to preform fast at short range and pick out targets beyond 400-600 meters this scope is a perfect chooice 

PV 1.2-6x24 PILAD ZOOM RIFLE SCOPE model represents strong all-metal unibody design it was designed with close and long range shooting in mind. It is more resistant in operation and to extreme weather and elements. Scope was developed and tested for high power rifle loads. With professionally ground lenses and performance worthy of scopes many times this price, this is all the scope most sportsmen will need. This scope is fully dry nitrogen purged to protect against fogging. Length of  ring fitting part of the scope is longer; it allows choosing optimal support and provides necessary distance from eyepiece of the scope to shooter’s eye.

This is the newest and Best in Russian  Optical Design 


Made in Russia



Technical specification:


PV 1.2-6x24

Magnification, ratio


Angle of view, degree


Exit pupil diameter, mm


Eye relief distance, 85mm

Dioptric range of eyepiece, dpt


Fitting diameter, mm


Objective lens diameter, 24mm

Objective tube diameter, 30mm

Eyepiece tube diameter, 44mm

Light transmission 94%

Length in action position, 257mm

Weight, 420g