VZ 58/CZ 858/TAVOR, Type 97 , KAL-TEC 16 AR-15 Style BAYONET ADAPTOR

VZ 58/CZ 858/TAVOR, Type 97, KAL-TEC 16  AR-15 Style  BAYONET ADAPTOR 

This adaptor allows the use of the whole range of bayonets that are made for AR-15 Rifle. NOW You can choose the bayonet style from a wide range of AR-15 Bayonets  for your CZ 858 rifle

Adaptor needs Muzzle Brake with  22mm diameter (All our brakes are 22mm with exception of AK Style Slant Brake and Czech Army Cone Brake) AK Slant Brake will also work however bayonet will be more loosely fit. It will also work on Tavor, Kal Tec 16, light barrel XCR and few Light profile barrel  AR-15 rifles alowing use of standard M-16/AR-15 Bayonets

Made from Arsenal Grade Steel

Made in Czech Republic