ASENA Semi-Automatic 12 guage   Removable Mag Shotgun Non-Restricted BLACK

ASENA Semi-Automatic 12 guage  3 inch Chamber Removable Mag Shotgun Non-Restricted

This shotgun uses Gas Operating System. 19.5 inch chrome plated barrel with removable chokes. This shotgun futures, Cross Bolt Trigger Safety, Sling Swivels, Bolt release and Push buttons magazine release. This shotgun was designed to use both 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells 

Includes  2x 5 Round Magazine, Hard Polymer Shotgun Case, 3 Removable Chokes (1 Cylinder Bore, 1 Improved Modified and 1 Full Choke)  Chokes are Benelli Mobile Chokes, Choke Key 



ASENA Semi-Automatic 12g  3 inch Chamber Removable Mag Shotgun

CHAMBER: 3 Inch 


WEIGHT: 3.2kg

OVERALL LENGTH:  37.50 inches Stock at Minimum, Stock at Maximum 40.50 inches

BBL: 19.50 inch 

STOCK:  Adjustable SYNTHETIC with adjustable cheek raiser

CAP: 5 rounds

SIGHT: Front post, rear adjustable ghost ring  with rail for optics mounting


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Firearms are for sale for Canadian Customers Only